Modern day marketing requires ATTENTION to be put onto the brand in order to avoid being IRRELEVANT!

With that being said, we are seeking to collaborate with and/or sponsor people, businesses, or entities that garner engagement & viewership from a large automotive based audience. 

We are looking to collaborate with established YouTube, Facebook, TikTok & Instagram creators with any 1 of the following (BARE MINIMUM):

  1. Youtube: 1,000 views per video consistently (Shorts do not count)
  2. TikTok: 5,000-10,000 views per video consistently
  3. Facebook: 100+ likes per posting consistently
  4. Instagram: 10,000 followers & your engagement for each consistent post much match your follower ratio.

Note: You must be actively creating auto related content. Up & coming creators with potential for growth are always favored over here.