Front End Headlight Wire Tuck Harness Honda Acura EG 92-95 USDM Blinkers Civic

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Front End Headlight Wire Tuck Harness Honda Acura EG 92-95 USDM Blinkers Civic

This wire tuck harness will replace your oem headlight harness and tuck the wires to clean up your engine bay!

  • Yellow/Black Labeling
  • USDM Headlights/ Blinkers
  • Left Hand Drive Only
  • Braided Loom
  • High temp TXL wiring

Connector Abbreviation List and Location:
  • CL - City Lights (Not utilized on all models) (Bumper)
  • FOG - Fog Lights (Not utilized on all models) (Bumper)
  • SM - Side Marker (Fender)
  • LT - Left Turn Signal (Headlight)
  • RT - Right Turn Signal (Headlight)
  • LHL - Left Headlight Main (Headlight)
  • RHL - Right Headlight Main (Headlight)
  • FAN - OEM location FAN connector
  • A/C - Air Conditioning connector

Customer Reviews

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Travis Shirley
Headlight tuck harness - eg

Wireworx headlight tuck kit is $700, their quality justifies the price and as someone who attempted a few times to create a similar harness before knowing there was one available to buy, its worth the coin for a "oem/race spec" like harness.

The JackSpania is a very budget friendly option, its well made and everything is labeled correctly, the pins seem to be installed securely and I wouldnt worry about intermittent connections. Really the only way you can tell its budget looking is the heat shrink portions are not weather protected and can slide around easily, nothing that some hot glue injection cant fix, same goes for the actual labels themselves, very "diy" looking, none of which youll really see of course. If they did a v2 kit that used oem connectors (instead of the chinese mass produced replicas) and had adhesive lined sleeves, this would really be a much closer comparison in quality to something higher end. The only reason why this doesnt get a 5 star is because it is not customizable, its no big deal but I really wouldve loved to not have the A/C harness section tied in, it would cut down even more on its size

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