GT35 GTX3582 Billet Wheel Turbo .82 AR T3 Vband Turbine Housing Anti-Surge US V2

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GT35 GTX3582 Billet Wheel Turbo .82 A/R T3 Vband Turbine Housing Anti-Surge

Journal Bearing Billet Wheel Turbo with specs as follows:

Flank Billet Compressor Wheel

  • Compressor wheel:  65.7/82.6/85.3mm
  • Compressor Housing:  0.72 A/R Anti-Surge, 4" Inlet, 2.5" Outlet
  • Turbine wheel:  68mm/62.3mm
  • Turbine housing:  T3 Inlet, V-Band 3" Outlet, A/R 0.82
  • Oil inlet:  7/16-24UNF

Stronger Wheel:
By using forged billet aluminum to make the wheel, there is no chance of minute air bubbles being in the mind. So, you don't need to worry about porosity issues. That means the billet compressor wheel is much stronger than the cast compressor wheel.

Better Blades Design:
By using forged billet aluminum and machined on a 5-Axis mill, the billet compressor wheel can be designed much more aggressively, and the nose and hub can be designed significantly smaller to allow for a greater blade diameter. And the blades can be made much more complicated to increase blade surface area, which can flow more air into the engine.

Lower Engine Intake Air Temperature:
By using forged billet aluminum, the wheel can be machined much thinner. This allows the wheel to have a greater efficiency range because there is less blade thickness to contact the air and heat it up. It also means that with less blade thickness and lower hub area that there is a greater area in-between the blades to squeeze more air and build boost pressure. The more efficient a wheel is the lower the intake temps, and everyone knows the cooler the air going into the engine the more horsepower you can make!

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