Replacement Belt For K-Tuned AC PS Eliminator Kit Serpentine 7PK1230 7 Rib

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Replacement Belt For K-Tuned Adjustable EP3 K20 Pulley Kit Serpentine 7PK1283

Don't get caught without an extra belt at the track. The JackspaniaRacing belts are custom made to our specs. They are designed to be stronger and more durable than other belts. They are 7-rib like OEM and are perfect size so no more worrying and measuring to find the right belt at the autoparts store.

*This will not work with the older K20 and K24 specific A/C & P/S Eliminator Kits*

  • Please verify your pulley kit before ordering.
  • Universal A/C & P/S Eliminator Kit KP-UNV-400.
  • This will not work with the older K20 and K24 specific A/C & P/S Eliminator Kits.


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Fits K Swaps As Well, Please Use Fitment Chart For Reference!

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