Universal Engine Harness For FuelTech ECU Display FT450 FT550 4 Cylinder

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  • This engine harness will fit both the FT450 & FT550 ECU Display Module
  • Please note: FT550 ECU's will require the user to buy an expansion harness in addition to this engine harness
  • Intended for use on 4 injector & 4 individual smart coil set ups (can accommodate high OR low impedance injectors)
Product Features:
  • Features options for Hall and VR; Crank and CAM connectors 
  • 2 pressure sensors fuel, foil, & 0-5V sensor
  • GM style engine & intake temperature sensors
  • Provisions for FuelTech WB Nano O2 with Bosch LSU 4.2 sensor & FuelTech Peak and Hold external drivers
  • 4 EV1 injectors
  • 4 Smart coils
  • Extra output connector for generic use
  • Designed to run semi-sequential or multipoint injection and wasted spark
  • Includes 3 separate relays to power the whole system to separate the injectors and coils from the electronics (To activate coils and injectors relays the Blue#6 output must be configured as Fuel pump or RPM activation.)

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